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100 Things About Thomas Littleton

This one will take some initial explaining because Thomas' situation is...unique.

When I created Peter's backstory, I made him have a best friend who died and that was the catalyst for losing his faith. Thomas became that person (his name was originally Thomas Lydien and I just changed it to something that was close because I decided Lydien was ridiculous). He was not a fleshed out character, merely a plot point. And then in the original canon, Thomas was brought back by Peter's girlfriend (an angel from a different set of Supernatural rules, played by Scout) who wanted to show Peter that nothing truly dies. I played him for the first time and LOVED him. He wasn't even Hugh Jackman then, I just loved playing this happy, self-assured, suave character, and lamented that I had created a character I loved to write who was dead. Then Scout, who was obsessing over X-Men 3 at the time, was talking about Hugh Jackman a lot and I made him Thomas to make her giggle. I never cared about him until he was Thomas, so my obsession is entirely her fault (as is Thomas' existence at all)! Enough about that...

When we left that world and created a new one, Thomas' canon had to change. I had my angel, Rolf bring Thomas back (Rolf is almost 300 and has no morals) even though the circumstances and rules for doing so are different. Because I loved him I had to make something up! So Thomas existed as an occasionally visiting, but very dead character. He was with Peter for three weeks, and that is the extent of their much referred to 'romance'. Thomas put an end to it because he loved Peter too much to let the man lose him all the time when he eventually had to go. If a dead person stays on Earth too long, it hurts them due to the 'Pull' from the 'Beyond' (all terms invented by the characters).

THEN, because I wanted to play a character who came back from the dead and had an incredibly hard time with it, I came up with a lame plot-device reason for Thomas to be alive again, fully intending on killing him, eight months later. He had no immune system because he was in a body and almost died from chicken pox, he had a metabolism that worked at three times normal speed because most of what he ate went to fighting the 'Pull'. And he spent two weeks in the clutches of Amaris, a demon, who utterly destroyed the body he had. Then he sacrificed himself and he's back to being the visiting dead guy.

So yes. Lived twice, died twice, still around occasionally. Moving on. He also has a wife and a husband because he is DEAD and so his his wife. His husband is alive and an angel, and since Thomas has an alive alter-ego because he's around so much, his civil union to Spectre Mors is legal.

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