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Circe's Characters

second half of the list.

Jude McKenna

firehaunted ~ full bio

Stubborn, difficult, moody, trigger happy, part time alcoholic, sometimes skateboarding, Valentino worshipping model. She's brutally honest and only has a handful of people she considers friends, but for them she'll rip out ribcages. Most people are short when standing next to her and she's rolling in money from her modelling work (and the fact that she was born stupidly wealthy.) Has no contact with her father, because he's an abusive bastard. She owns her own house mansion and likes her two German Shepherds more than most people. Point blank refuses to accept the supernatural world, even though she gets routinely tortured by her ex-councillor psycho demon, Jillian. (Although that hasn't happened now for, like, years. )Like Jesus, she got crucified once. Unlike Jesus, she's a snarky bitch. (And the only Bible she has anything to do with is Vogue.)

Distinguishing marks: scars on her wrists and ankles from being crucified, a scar across her stomach from being stabbed, and near-invisible thin pink scars that run from almost elbow to wrist from a suicide attempt
Residence: 82 Temple Grove, Hamstead
Pets: two German Shephards, Angel and Kashmir
Occupation: university student - pre-law / model
Family: Isabelle Marlette; half sister (bringthefire)
Catalina Fuentes; cousin (la_chica_dorado)

Scarlett Kensington

scarlettvoices ~ full bio
Created Werewolf

Scarlett used to be quite happy to be a gentle, vegetarian lesbian until she got attacked by werewolves in the Canadian wilderness and turned into one herself, something which has made her a little more aggressive and has her craving meat... and not just the hamburger kind, if you catch my drift. She's the singer for her brother's metal band, Entropy, and they play gigs around London quite often but rarely anything bigger. She was dating Nancy until, after a bit of soul searching, she realised she was in love with Renee and after much trial she and Renee finally got together... and Scarlett realised they were actually much better as friends. Is still recovering from her complete and utter mental breakdown and hospitalization after after a second round of torture at the hands of the Templar.

And since she recently ATE one of her friends when she wolfed out, she's back on the vegan diet.

Distinguishing marks: pinpoint scars on her back, back of her thighs and underside of her forearms from the witch-chair. A large floral tattoo across her upper back.
Residence: Kensington family home
Pets: The family dog, Ishtar
Occupation: student - teaching
Family: Astrid Kensington; adopted sister (bear_soul)
James Kensington; brother (NPC)
Aslan Dougal; sister-in-law (leather_messiah)

Yvonne Miles

milestogobefore ~ full bio

Self professed 'Manc Mother' and the slightly responsible one behind the horrors from Manchester. Before arriving in London she was a part-time fetish model and after coming to the city she took a job as Mistress Tiamat where she was paid to walk around in corsetry and act snooty. Apparently not snooty enough because she got stalked and kidnapped by a man called Sanders, who is now in prison thanks to Yvonne's testimony. She lost a lot of confidence and a finger to him, but she's better now. She's very active in the SCA and works at a victim support line as well as working at Peter Kemp's hospital working on 'cures' for supernatural ailments. As is obvious to see, Yvonne is a bit of a slacker. She adores adopted-Manc Pierre's baby boy as if he were her own. With a Norwegian father and a Dutch mother, she speaks both languages fluently and travels to Holland to see her grandmother quite often. She has given up on dating as every person she's been involved with has cheated on her horrendously.

Distinguishing marks: Missing the ring finger on her right hand
Residence: Cherry Orchard Lane
Pets: A black cat called Niobe
Occupation: university student - honours in bio-chemistry


dont_jinx_it ~ full bio

The big cuddly goth teddy bear. Jinx may look tattooed and threatening at first glace, but since he's a big pacifist softie no one needs to be worried about that. He came to London following his best friend Delilah and never left. He's become very close to Stephie and Renee, as well as the other Manc girls he already was friends with. He dated, and fell in love with, Snap and isn't sure he'll ever really get over her death, even though he's seen her since. He still loves her more than anyone he's loved before. He also dated, briefly, Josie but that ended badly with soul sucking and being thrown into a wall, which sort of tainted his trust of her as you might imagine. His last relationship was with the sweetheart Perrin but that exploded when Perrin found out about the world Jinx had been keeping secret. Now he's with his ex-friend Tal who let's him sleep around with other people which is brilliant. He has an insane collection of geeky boxer shorts and wants to marry Wonder Woman.

Distinguishing marks: tattoos: Nightmare Before Christmas themed sleeves, a big Jack Skellington on his back, a Silent Hill symbol on his forearm, a large Wonder Woman on his thigh, Snapdragon lyrics over his heart, as well as a whole bunch of other little things. Peirced lip and eyebrow.
Residence: 213 Victoria Lane
Occupation: store clerk - All Your Base

Isabelle Callahan

bringthefire ~ full bio

Photographer, violinist, activist, Jude's half sister. Plus she's not so hard on the eyes either. She married the (much older) Deacon and lived with him and her mother, Christina. There was much drama and she and Deacon got a divorce but now they're once again living together as a couple. Despite being close friends with many of those involved with the supernatural, Isabelle and her family are unaware of it all themselves. She has a young foster sister called Carrie. After the 'miracle' of one of her best friends being cured of HIV she's found God.

Residence: 'Briar Rose' - 102 Douglas Avenue
Occupation: university student - photography/gender
Family: Christina Marlette; mother (lovelyobscene)
Carrie Routh; foster sister (NPC)
Deacon Callahan; ex-husband (waxingthepoetic)

Helena Doyle


Lee's little sister who was all sweetness and fluffy pens until she met Aiden, the older drug dealer who became her first boyfriend... and then got her drunk and let his friends have their way with her. She dealt with this in the mature and adult way, by becoming addicted to heroin and dealing for Aiden before finally running away to London to live with Lee and letting him sort her out. She's clean now and has no interest in touching drugs again. But Aiden wasn't so ready to let her go and when he tried to attack Helena in her own home, Lucas shot and killed him. Helena took the fall and she served nine months. But now she's out and living with her now-boyfriend Lucas in his bedroom at Eden Court and working on getting her life sorted out.

Distinguishing marks: A scar on her stomach from being stabbed
Residence: Eden Court
Occupation: high school student - London College
Family: Lee Rivers; foster brother/legal guardian (lee_rivers)

Jorja Northop

blackbirdsonnet ~ full bio

The blue-haired temptress from Manchester who is attempting to seduce every woman in the Greater London area if she can manage it. She has a knack for getting (and keeping) out of trouble, which means she's usually the one helping to bail out her big brother who has no such knack. Cousin to the Waterhouse kids and enjoying her job at a florist, Jorja spends her days thinking about zombies and beautiful women, perhaps not in that order. She's currently successfully pursuing Allanah EVERY GIRL IN LONDON.

Residence: Gotham City
Occupation Florist
Family: Daria Waterhouse; cousin (createthemess)
The rest of the Watewrhouses - don't make me list them all

Coraline Matthews

waywardaughter ~ full bio

Coraline used to be the kind of girl who never thought too deeply about much. She liked boats and parties and got naked on the internet for Suicide Girls. But then she met serial killer Patrick Ravensdale and - through an unfortunate psychic mix-up - ended up helping him to allude the authorities and then went and fell in love with him. When Pat cruelly revealed the truth, Coraline was pretty much destroyed over all the death she'd helped him cause. She's getting over it now and trying to not focus on how her actions got a shit-load of people all dead.

Distinguishing marks: white ink tattoo on her back of a nautical compass, peirced nipples
Residence: The Vatican
Occupation: University student
Family: Davis Matthews; brother (the_black_pope)

Mona Ravensdale

echoesinside ~ full bio

Being filthy rich hasn't really done all that much to make Mona happy, as she grew up in a house with bullying brothers (except for her beloved eldest) and a father who couldn't really connect with her. Then it all got worse at thirteen when one of those brothers, Pat, decided to take it a little further with the help of his newly-found demonic spirit. He killed his eldest brother and a cousin as well as a handful of the house staff and traumatised the rest of the family, sending his mother into madness. After that he was locked upstairs, the family's dirty little secret. But of course he broke free - killing their parents and developing a not so brotherly affection for Mona along the way, culminating in kidnapping her and dragging her off into the country so he could play creepy sexual deviant to her. She escaped - because he life has been a series of near-death experiences at the hands of Pat - and then drew him into a trap where she murdered him so he could never hurt her again. Since then she's grown stronger and knows that if Pat couldn't destroy her then nothing will.

Distinguishing marks: A few scars
Residence: St John's Lodge, Regent's Park
Occupation: high school student - London College
Family: Constantine Ravensdale; brother (moonridinghigh)
Patrick Ravensdale; brother; deceased (sunsgonetohell)
Cristianna Ravensdale; sister; deceased (quietandmotion)
Isandro Ravensdale; cousin (comedesirenight)
Esperanza Ravensdale; cousin (forensically)
Diana Ravensdale; cousin (di_another_day)
Ceravenna Ravensdale; cousin (onceravenna)
Rosalina Ravensdale; cousin (callthestars)


Born demon

Almost all-powerful almost unlimited ancient demon ... completely reeled in by her six year old adopted daughter. Before finding her special little girl, Marietta was prone to mass slaughter of anyone who hurt innocent humans or anyone she perceived as a 'perversion', which meant anyone who was a supernatural that wasn't a pure demon. She enjoyed killing people but Orla didn't like it so much. So these days she does what Orla tells her, lest she end up losing her daughter's affection. She has many many real children that she's given birth to in her five hundred plus years, but all of them disappointed her as what she really wanted was a human child.

Residence: An expansive London apartment
Family: Orla Harmon; stolen 'adopted' daughter (touchingstars)
Sophia Matilda Dumitra; daughter (immortalmuse)
Leander; son(thesecretspires)
Colette; daughter (powerinknowing)
Svetlana Kavenskaya; daughter (demon_svetlana)
Jillian Hammett; daughter (tumblingjack)
Isla Littleton; daughter (un_amour_fatal)
Josephine Rhydderch; daughter (coldinhergrave)
Kreszentia Juliette Kempf; daughter (aint_no_juliet)

Nova Montaigne

chthonic_touch ~ full bio

As a demon she terrorised Norway by turning people into squealing limbless pin cushions. Good times, good times. Now that she's a vampire she's trying to live a less murderous and more mundane life. She misses Charon like a heartbeat and now works at the hospital for Peter, as something of a councillor. Somehow (she doesn't quite understand it either) she's ended up in something of a relationship with Razvan, though she'd never call it that herself.

Occupation: councillor at Robert MacGavillary Memorial Hospital

Melanie 'Lanie' Thwaite

lanieiswaycool ~ full bio

Lanie IS way cool! At least, she would like to be. She knows everyone and it's lucky she's not a gossip because she's probably got some nice incriminating stuff by now.

Pets: A golden retriever called Strongbad, a little white fluffy one called Magellan, and another small one called Kitty
Occupation: London College student
Family: Godric Thwaite; brother (drownbythebeach)

Mercedes Hart

icingsugarsmile ~ full bio

Mercedes would like to think that she is the best and brightest thing ever to walk the earth. In reality she's just a spoiled teenage girl with delusions of grandour. Her sister was a big time LA celeb and so Mercedes expects the same treatement, even if she has been relocarted to London. She's slotted herself in easily with the popular kids at London College and is friends with Skye, although knowing how both of them treat people that could always change at any moment.

Distinguishing marks: A very expensive and well done breast augmentation...
Residence: Kerrigan's apartment in Knightsbridge
Occupation: high school student - London College
Family: Kerrigan Hart; sister (cursesandcharms)
Toby; cousin (invodka_veritas)

Carlotta 'Carly' Malec

harlot_of_peril ~ full bio

Carly is unaware that her father is a member of The Five Satans. He's also never told her that she's immortal but she worked that out when someone attempted to kill her. Since then she's tried it a few times herself. Unsurprisingly, the fact that she can't die freaks her out. She is close with her brother, Jonas, and her friend Alexa, the three of them making up Team Lex-Malec and being troublesome in general.

Residence: The Malec family home
Occupation: high school student - London College
Family: Jonas Malec; brother (uders)

Joseph Colt

knowthedarkness ~ full bio
Born Angel

At twelve Joseph discovered the Lord of the Rings trilogy and he's never looked back since. He would never agree with the statement, but he's really just a great big LARPer in disguise. He would love, more than anything, to be a Ranger and just hang out in the forests of the world singing mournfully. To him that sounds like a pretty good time. But instead he keeps getting dragged back into the human world, whether it was because he was helping Charon reform a very fucked up young demon woman or because he wanted to connect with his brother, Charlie. There's always something keeping him from making a home in the trees with only some dead doe for company. Bastards.

Family: Charlie Colt; brother (charlie_colt)

Catalina Fuentes

la_chica_dorado ~ full bio

The sweet and naive cousin to Jude and Isabelle. She's completely innocent to the ways of the world and rather shy. She's made good friends with Dominique and Isabelle tries to look out for her. She was making a ton of money as a model but left it all behind for God. She lives with her BBFF (Best Boy Friend Forever!) Pavel who she thinks is lovely and is officially on her way to being a card carrying religious Sister.

Residence: An apartment with Pavel
Occupation: religious sister
Family: Jude McKenna; cousin (firehaunted)
Isabelle Marlette; cousin (bringthefire)

Christina Marlette


Mother of Isabelle and foster mother to Carrie. She's a very artistic type (A poet, novelist, musician, and painter) and she lives at Briar Rose, a rather large Victorian place that has been in her family for a very long time and where artists of all types are often invited to stay. Isabelle was the product of a couple-month long relationship she had with Jude's father while he was married. She never told him they had a child together and he's still never met Isabelle.

Residence: 'Briar Rose' - 102 Douglas Avenue
Occupation: author/teacher
Family: Isabelle Marlette; daughter (bringthefire)
Carrie Routh; foster daughter (NPC)

Adrina Black

noplaceforthee ~ full bio

Spectre and Deirdre Rose fangirl and not-so-untalented singer-songwriter herself. She lives in the amazing house her aunt left her with her bestest friend ever, Quinn, and his hubby-to-be Flynn. She's also having some serious dating with Quinn's brother, Eamon, although she's cautious with that after being burned in the past. She loves all things goth and steampunk and recently finished her first (and maybe only) tour of the UK. She works in an antique store, as having a CD doesn't actually make you all that much money at all it turns out.

Distinguishing marks: Bird tattoos on her upper arms and on her left calf, rose tattoo on one of her arms
Residence: The House of Rock
Pets: Booster the cat - kidnapped from her housemate, Quinn
Occupation: store clerk at an antique store / musician

Ben Greenway

thatoldgeek ~ full bio

History lecturer at London Uni, and father of one teenage pain in the arse and one just-out-his-teens activist. Spontaneously orgasms over all things Lovecraft and Mesopotamian. (not literally though.)

Occupation: History / Mythology lecturer
Family: Noah Greenway (hereprophetslie)
Andrea Greenway; daughter (echoingangels)
Emily King; ex-wife (emily_king)

Leo Grenadier

mr_apocalypse ~ full bio

Call him Mr Apocalypse, baby. Ex-supernatural hunter, now full time geek. He's Flick's uncle and owns not only All Your Base but Apocalypse Records as well. He's a sensor, meaning that while he's technically nothing out of the ordinary himself, he can tell when other people are, a very useful skill for hunting but not as much as when trying to decide if Wonder Woman would beat Superman in a fight.

Distinguishing marks: assorted scars from a lifetime of fighting
Occupation: Owner and manager of Apocalypse Records and All Your Base
Family: John Grenadier; brother (alphagrenadier)
Matt Grenadier; adopted nephew (darkhaunts)
Brandon Grenadier; nephew (lunambulist)
Flick Grenadier; neice(new_age_dawns)
Zara Grenadier; neice-in-law (bringtoruin)


reclaimedgrace ~ full bio
Born Angel

Looks like a sixteen year old girl but acts like everyone's favourite granny. She's had a long time feud with Marietta and, while she lives in Sweden, visits England and her adoptive children quite often.

Distinguishing marks: Slightly wonky feathers on one of her wings
Residence: Sweden
Family: Sybella; mother (deathcantholdme)

Isla Littleton

un_amour_fatal ~ full bio
Born Demon

The bridging gap between the MURDERDEATHOHCRAP that is Marietta and her spawn, and the LOVELOVELOVE that is the Littletons.

Residence: The Dumitra House
Occupation: personal trainer
Family: Marietta; mother (ancientstars)
Sophia Matilda Dumitra; half-sister (immortalmuse)
Leander; half-brother (thesecretspires)
Colette; half-sister (powerinknowing)
Svetlana Kavenskaya; half-sister (demon_svetlana)
Jillian Hammett; half-sister (tumblingjack)
Josephine Rhydderch; half-sister (coldinhergrave)
Thomas Littleton; brother (suave_thomas)
Adam Littleton; brother (breaktheimage)
Abigail Littleton; sister (abigail_lilith)
Joe Littleton; brother (hail_st_joseph)
Julian Littleton; nephew (virtuosic_flair)
Eleanor Littleton; sister (aetherous)
Spectre; brother-in-law (inspectre_mors)
Mara Mors; neice (in_deleria)
Razvan Dumitra; distant cousin (your_razvan)

Scott Clayworth

theneverfading ~ full bio

Way hotter than you, and he knows it. One of the world's best male models and Draco Malfoy impersonator, according to the internets. He currently moving from modelling to photography, because it's more his area. He lives in Paris with a bunch of other models where he basically remains ridiculously arrogant at all times. He's one of the few people who can really get away with telling Jude she's being a twat, and the guy that Stephie cheated on her boyfriend with when she came to Paris... a lot.

Residence: 708 Champs-Elysees, Paris
Occupation: photographer

Marina Rhodes

a_frozen_ocean ~ full bio

Used to be a teen freedom fighter in Haiti going by the name Sanclara Etti, but now lives in London and works as a magician's assistant and a Burlesque performer. And they say people can't change.

Occupation: Magician's assistant / burlesque performer



The Littlest Psychic. On top of 'just knowing' things a lot of the time, Orla is also a little six year old genius, with maths being her speciality. Marietta is her 'mama' and she is very fond of Astrid and Lucas. She doesn't really know how to act like a kid.

Residence: With Marietta in her London apartment home
Pets: Anubis
Family: Marietta; sort-of adoptive mother (ancientstars)

Jillian Hammett

tumblingjack ~ full bio
Created Demon

Used to be a councillor on the side of good but after a robbery and some soul sucking she lost her grip and went off the deep end. WAY off the deep end. She then spent some very long months completely terrorising London with flayed and crucified bodies. Because she's awesome like that. That was, until mummy Marietta ripped her into bits and buried her in a park. Thus our story should end but Jillian is a stubborn one and she found another body to occupy and modify to make it look like her old one. She carried on torturing and tormenting until the guilt got too much for her and she threw herself upon the mercy of her old mentor, Rolf. She is currently a willing patient at Peter's hospital and becoming closer to the man himself as she tries to reconcile the things that she's done in her life.

Distinguishing marks: A few tiny cosmetic surgery scars...
Residence: Robert MacGavillary Memorial Hospital
Family: Marietta; mother (ancientstars)
Sophia Matilda Dumitra; half-sister (immortalmuse)
Leander; half-brother (thesecretspires)
Colette; half-sister (powerinknowing)
Svetlana Kavenskaya; half-sister (demon_svetlana)
Isla Littleton; half-sister (un_amour_fatal)
Josephine Rhydderch; half-sister (coldinhergrave)
Kreszentia Juliette Kempf; half-sister (aint_no_juliet)

Klara Courtlandt

freedom_unbound ~ full bio
Born Werewolf

I suppose you could call Klara a 'purebreed' since her family for generations has been all about werewolves. She lives on a beatiful estate in Surrey with Johan, the father of her dead boyfriend, and her cousin Viola who is rather a werewolf purity nazi. Living there as well is Azura,. a recently turned werewolf that Klara wants to help guide. She used to be close to the Ravensdale family but not so much any more.

Residence: The Courtlandt Estate, Surrey
Occupation: university student - pre-law
Family: Viola Courtlandt; cousin (perfectgenetics)

Odin Hunt

moth_diaries ~ full bio
Born Werewolf

A little bit nutty. Odin has spent a lot of his time in and out of mental institutions and under the care of doctors for his schizophrenia that is only controlled with an insane cocktail of meds. Sometimes he goes off them though and that's when the real fun always begins. He's got a good heart and only wants to look after his family, his mother being a drug addict and his sister being... well, just kind of fucked up and attempting to turn into mother. He's an artist and studies it at London Uni. He's made tentative friends with Jude, an accomplishment in itself.

Residence: Hunt family residence
Occupation: university student - fine arts
Family: Freya Hunt; sister (filthy_radiance)

Flick Grenadier

new_age_dawns ~ full bio

Flick (don't EVER call her Felicity) was raised by a family who hunted supernatural creatures. Her father is a hunter, her mother was a hunter, her grandfather was a hunter... So it was pretty obvious that Flick was expected to follow as such. And while she's got all the necessary skills - she's been trained from a young age to be physically tough and understand the weird and dangerous things in the world around her - she doesn't really have the desire to be a hunter... or so she says. Fact is that Flick just doesn't like being told what to do by her controlling father and instead sneaks out of her dorm room to fight regular jerks on the street. After fighting for so long, she's addicted to the violence. She'll never admit it though, and she's currently studying criminology at London University.

Distinguishing marks:
Residence: McKinley Hall, London University
Occupation: university student - criminology
Family: John Grenadier; father(alphagrenadier)
Matt Grenadier; adopted-brother (darkhaunts)
Brandon Grenadier; brother (lunambulist)
Leo Grenadier; uncle (new_age_dawns)
Zara Grenadier; sister-in-law (bringtoruin)


Born Demon

In her native African village the teenager was worshipped as the living incarnation of the evil god, Ganub. She had lived this way for years, killing and accepting worship and sacrifice, until a group of supernatural capturing government agents removed her with plans to take her to their lair agency and re-educate her. Unfortunately for them - but fortunately for Aleto - she escaped as they made a stop in London and was found by Peter as she hid out in the freezing sewers. After a little re-education of his own, Peter managed to convince Aleto that she wasn't, in fact, a god (although she first attempted to eat his heart.) She's now loyal to him, living with his family, and raising her own baby daughter to know exactly what she is.

Pets: Peter Kemp

Isandro Ravensdale

comedesirenight ~ full bio

Exhibit A for The Ravensdales Have Really Damn Good Genes. (For more evidence, please see Exhibit B.) Add to the looks the fact that he has a Spanish accent and a motorbike. Sorry, ladies, he's dating Darla though.

Residence: Splits his time between his apartment and his family home.
Occupation: university student - drama
Family: Esperanza Ravensdale; sister (forensically)
Diana Ravensdale; sister (di_another_day)
Ceravenna Ravensdale; sister (onceravenna)
Rosalina Ravensdale; sister (callthestars)
Constantine Ravensdale; cousin (moonsridinghigh)
Patrick Ravensdale; cousin; deceased (sunsgonetohell)
Cristianna Ravensdale; cousin; deceased (quietandmotion)
Mona Ravensdale; cousin (echoesinside)

Delilah Leighton

learntocrucify ~ full bio

The first of the 'Mancs' to come to London, where she fell in love with Pierre and had a baby with him. Couldn't deal at all with this fact and ran away, leaving him to raise baby Matthew without her. She resided in Birmingham, trying to get herself together in the hopes that one day she could return to London and have a life there again. But that was until Valentin took a liking to her and ended up torturing her in a basement for a month, using the faces of people she loved and trusted. She's back in London now, but she has little-to-no contact with her ex or the child she bore him.

Distinguishing marks: huge gothic cross on her back, star on her ankle, 30's style pinup girl on her arm, 'On the ways of your loneliness' on the inside of her wrist. Nine pieicings in ears, tongue, lip,
Pets: a German Shephard called Fenrir
Occupation: mechanic


ravishedspirit ~
Born Werewolf

Raised in a cave as an attack dog for creepy demons. Isn't sure what to make of this new life that she's been thrust into. Is terminally weird in an adorable way and doesn't understand that just because there are rodents running around outside, doesn't mean you should bring them into the hospital and eat them. Hangs out with Joel and Bentley and is getting better at English by the day.

Distinguishing marks: a scattering of scars but nothing big
Residence: Robert MacGavillary Memorial Hospital
Family: Radu; brother (usern)


lovethesescars ~ full bio

Manc. She spent time in juvie for assult but didn't really learn much from the experiance, as she still gets into fights whenever possible. She loves to take her clothes off, especially when it's innappropriate. A complete alchoholic.

Distinguishing marks: a scattering of small scars from fights, peirced nipples, tattoos: a pin-up girl on her calf
Residence: Loli Loft
Pets: A cat her brother left her that she doesn't even know the name of.
Occupation: store clerk at a cheap sex shop

Paula Siddel

solitary_ground ~ full bio

Deirdre surprise!sister through Liam who is residing at Peter's hospital in an attempt to be less crazy. She shares Deirdre's famous TMI gene it appears.

Residence: Robert MacGavillary Memorial Hospital
Family: Deirdre Gallagher; half-sister (deirdre_ionuin)
Jason Gallagher; half-brother (onestepfromhell)

Eden Rosenburg

stregthrumusic ~ full bio

Ballerina-in-training overworked sister of Geordie. A serious perfectionist with issues and about three minutes away from a total mental breakdown.

Distinguishing marks: self-inflicted scars on her stomach
Residence: At Victor's house with her brother
Occupation: student studying dance
Family: Geordie Rosenburg; brother (thepilgrimsblog)
Victor Rosenburg; cousin (this_is_vienna)

Viola Courtlandt

perfectgentics ~ full bio

Cousin to Klara and proud member of the Courtlandt Werewolf House of Racial Purity. She firmly believes that werewolves > humans and treats the unfurry ones as scum. She's nice if you're a werewolf, but the chances are that you aren't.

Residence: The Courtlandt Estate, Surrey
Family: Klara Courtlandt; cousin (freedom_unbound)

Siobhan Westernberg

theblackplot ~ full bio

Siobhan has spent most of her adult life flitting between casual sexcapades, as relationships tend to be difficult to uphold where you drain everyone you sleep with. She's only had two of note, one with David (who at the time was an angel and therefore a succubus battery) and now with the youthful Yvonne, whom she cheated on. She's currently wreaking havoc in London with anything she can have sex with.

The second half of the list.
Of course this isn't all of them. I'm INSANE.
Tags: character lists, circe's characters, official crap!

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