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Lara's Character List - Part One

The pictures link to bios OOOOH Niftycakes! I tried to group everyone together as much as possible but Peter has like 478326058932 people related to him so forgive me ;)

If you want part two, that's here

Character List

deirdre_ionuin Deirdre-Rose Ionuin Gallagher Born Demon

Deirdre is the oldest character in darker_london. She was created in April, 2005.

Deirdre is 21 and rich because she keeps inheriting things from people who cark it. She originally hails from Dublin, Ireland though she moved to London when she was eleven with her father, Liam Gallagher. Her father was a business man. Also a demon. Which is what she is. But she's a sweet one! She's an actress at the Regent's Street Repertory Theatre which she now OWNS along with and she owns five houses (kind of by accident...) one is Victoria Lane where she lives with Fiona, Pierre, Jinx, Kay, Tamm, and Stephie. The other is a warehouse loft apartment where Kat, Ethan, Kali, Isabella and their kids live. She inherited Kait's home, she owns a house in Dublin where Joanne lives, and the last is her old father's house, which she now rents to Quinn Wakefield's brother, Eamon. She lets people live in her houses rent free. She's a cooking goddess and loves to feed people and take care of them. She'd very motherly! Oh. And her mother is Caitlin O'Connor who is a famous photographer. Caitlin is INSANE. :D

Recently Deirdre has become a familiar face amongst the music scene in London, after joining the band of progressive metal star Spectre Mors. Spectre is Deirdre's soul mate despite his being gay. She doesn't mind the fame and she loves the touring. She sings like an angel and she can play the flute. (DO NOT ASK HER TO PLAY THE PIANO!!) She also has solo stuff out, though it is very NOT METAL. Think A Fine Frenzy meets Jewel. Her voice style is usually operatic, which is why her solo stuff is more mellow. It gives her a chance to sing without raising the roof. She has written every single song herself with the exception of one she wrote with Quinn Wakefield.

Her best friend is Malachy Flynn, because she considers Spectre as more than a friend (but in a platonic way) and Peter to be family. She is currently pregnant with twins which are due in December, and she's participating in tours of the UK and Europe with Spectre. She has recently lost her girlfriend and she's dealing with the idea of becoming a single mother.

Tags: Deirdre|Deirdre/Renee/Kait|Deirdre/Renee|Deirdre/Kait

dylan_patrick Dylan Patrick O'Connor

Dylan is Deirdre's younger half-brother. He lives with Caitlin nearby to Victoria Lane now that they've moved to London. He's a 13-year-old genius and he speaks like a book. You would think he was 35. He says things like 'I do believe the proper course of action for a younger brother to take is to traverse the ten minutes to your home and clamor 'NIPPLES' in your ear until you run. And then I do believe I am supposed to give chase. Would you like me to enact this ritual?' He wants to be a knight when he grows up and he's in love with Peter's daughter Lydia! They are childhood sweethearts!

Tags: Dylan|Dylan/Lydia

allupintheair Erin O'Connor

Deirdre and Dylan's teenage horror of a sister. She's stupid and selfish and she calls people names. She uses her famous sister and mother for her own personal gain. But she's good for a laugh when she inadvertently says something ridiculously stupid.

She is in Mercedes group, friends with Skye and Lizzie, though she'll turn coat just the minute she needs to, in order to stay ahead.

Tags: Erin

lady_evanna Evanna Siobhan Reeves

Deirdre's cousin on her father's side (therefore not related to Dylan and Erin). Evanna is bubbly and wonderful. She's in love with her childhood sweetheart, Lee Rivers. Nothing much gets to Evey, though she suffered a dark time when her then boyfriend, Travis, was killed by a demon. She's okay though. More than okay. She's also a health nut who jogs and eats power bars and drinks health shakes.

Tags: Evanna|Lee/Evey

infamous_hands Marilyn Reeves

Marilyn is Deirdre's aunt and Evey's mother. She's the older sister of Deirdre's formerly evil and now dead father, Liam. She was going through a midlife crisis (she's forty*mumble*) and she divorced her husband, moved to London, only to get with a uni student. She's back with her husband now, though. And happy to be with him and unmarried.

Tags: Marilyn Reeves|Dimitri/Marilyn

father_peter Peter Gabriel Kemp Ex-Angel/Seer

He's a 39 year old ex-priest, ex-monk, current husband and daddy. He serves as a pseudo-Daddy for many others as well and they come to him for advice or just a friendly hug and chat. Or you know...if they're a demon about to lose it. He takes care of that too.

Peter was born to filthy rich, old money, absentee parents and raised by nannies and his older sisters Liz elizabeth_long and Margaret, who died when she was fourteen and Peter was eleven. His parents fell apart after Margaret's death as Klaus was driven to drink and Louise went rather insane. After his parents died (he found his mother's body hanging after she killed herself) Liz took care of Peter full time. Peter was only fourteen.

Inspired by the priest who had cared for his ailing mother, Peter entered the clergy, much to the annoyance of his sister. When he was a 23 year old monk, his best friend Thomas suave_thomas was killed by a demon named Svetlana demon_svetlana. They were trying to do an exorcism and she snapped his neck. They were unaware that demons cannot be exorcised (mostly...more on that later). Peter fled his abbey and he lost his faith.

Having left his religion behind, Peter met a woman, Katherine Daniells, who became pregnant and suddenly Peter had a daughter. (lyddie_girl now 14) His helpless daughter convinced him to return to the clergy. He became a priest and he did his best to help the demons he found himself suddenly dreaming of. He failed every time. Or so he thought. He spent 11 miserable years as a priest until he met a young redheaded demon named Deirdre who changed everything. He relocated back to London to help her and be with his daughter. He saw that he could reach her with with the love he had been too afraid to show the others because he hadn't wanted to lose someone else. And with that he saved her. And he continues to do so, often.

He has also recently come up against a rouge branch of the church that call themselves The Knights Templar. They give old time inquisitions and want to bring the church back as the greatest power in the world. Peter is NOT for that and he will fight his hardest to keep it from happening. He is currently working on a PhD which will expose religious fanatical groups like the Templar who spoil the name of religion in his eyes.

He has seven kids. Tasha empress_tasha 20, Lydia 14, Anna little_annachen 12, Caleb 9, Thomas 2, Rasputina, 2 and Lauren, 1. They are not all his biologically... He once gave up his immortality to bring back his loved best friend Thomas. Life being what it is, Thomas died again to save the people he loved, and Peter was made immortal again by the bumbling angel, Rolf.

The rest of Peter's paternal family (the Kempfs) are something else. They're involved in organised crime and they live in Dresden. And Peter despises...most of them. More on them later.

Peter and his wife recently had a bit of a rough patch. While they were separated, Peter slept with Svetlana. Yes, the same Svetlana who killed his Thomas and forced him into sex (thus creating Rasputina whom, he would like to state, SHE named!). He helped her to change and he feels now he knows the woman beneath the madness. And he fell in love with her a little bit... Despite going back to his wife because he believes vows are something you honour, he loves Svetlana still, and it is not easy on him.

Tags: Peter Kemp|Peter/Aly|Peter/Aurelia|Peter/Katherine|Peter/Thomas|Peter/Svetlana

elizabeth_long Elizabeth Prudence Long Kemp

Liz, Peter's older sister. She's in her forties and practical and blunt. She was a slut in high school. Now she's calmed down! She's a widow to her husband, David Long. She is now remarried to Emma Kemp. She's adopted two teenagers, Hope and Zoe, as well as taking in Hope's older sister, Fiona. She is well known for letting just about anyone stay with them if needed.

Tags: Elizabeth Long|Elizabeth KempLiz/Emma

winters_love Emma Rosenbaum (Kemp)

Emma Winters AKA Emma Rosenbaum, now Emma Kemp is married to Elizabeth Kemp. For awhile they were separated. They're back together now, however. She is also the sister of a very sinister character stalking London at the moment known as John Doe.

Tags: Emma Rosenbaum|Emma Kemp

relinquite_spes Hope R. Kennedy

Hope is a teenage adoptee. She's a bit on the...not so bright side, but she's a lovely girl and she has the ability to be very wise! She once hit Peter with her friend's car and put him in a coma and broke all his bones. But she was REALLY sorry. And being the kind man he is, Peter forgave her. It was after that that she was adopted by Emma and Liz who she calls E&E. She has a girlfriend Tasha! Tasha is her favourite!

She has reached a point in her life where she realises she can't advance much further. She finds it depressing and she's pulling away from things more often than she used to. She hopes she can find somewhere to fit in.

Tags: Hope Kennedy

sky_will_fall Fiona Kavanagh-Lyons

She's young and ecclectic. And Hope's half sister. And an art/journalism student at London Uni. And Pierre's girlfriend. She now lives in Victoria Lane with Pierre and his son Matthew, and she loves helping out with the little boy.

Tags: Fiona Kavanagh-Lyons|Fiona/Pierre

lyddie_girl Lydia Ashley Daniells-Kemp

At 14, Lydia Kemp is coming into her own. She's Peter's daughter and a bright girl. She is not afraid of sharing her opinion. She takes charge of situations, and she took it upon herself to save an entire classroom of people including her teacher during the shooting at London College. She takes after her daddy! She's also a very talented equestrian and she loves her horse, Sebastian.

She is good friends with her neighbor, Kismet Vinter. She has been on Kismet's reality TV show a few times. She's also the ringleader of a group of girls at school including Brianna Slade, Kismet, Andy Greenway to name a few.

Tags: Lydia Daniells-Kemp|Lydia Kemp|Dylan/Lydia

little_annachen Annaliese Römer-Kemp Born Angel

Peter's adopted daughter. Twelve years old, angel. Lovely girl. She has a kitty named Ludwig! She's Austrian. Sometimes she talks to Peter in German so their talk can be more private. She's suffered many things, but she takes them all in stride. Her best friend is Mara Mors and she's discovering she might like her as more than a friend in a very twelve-year-old way.

Tags: Annaliese Römer-Kemp

ghost_within Alyona Kemp

She's Peter's wife and David's sister. She's wonderful and understanding and open. Thanks to Amaris (BEFORE she was a demon) she used to be very sickly but snow that she is an angel, that's all done now. She's 32 and has a little 10 year old boy from a previous marriage. Her husband William (who was also David's best friend....) died of a brain tumor 9 months after they married. She spent 6 years with her brother and family and son as her only companions. Now she's surrounded by family and friends and a loving husband and she thinks it's fantastic, even if Peter DID get a brain tumour too. At least when HE died he came back... Aly's family is Spanish and therefore, they are VERY close. Aly is studying online in order to become a historian, and she's kept very busy with her children, which she loves.

She recently suffered a re-emergence of her long-buried anorexia after the death of her best friend and sister-in-law, which caused her to abandon her family. She's very grateful Peter never gave up on her. She misses her dead brother and best friend, David, but as he is now permanently in her head, it's hard to miss him for long.

Tags: Aly Montgomery-Scott|Aly Kemp|Peter/Aly

aflowerofblood Isbella Lianos

Reina's sister and Aly's young cousin. Lovely girl, obsessed with Spectre and The Cure. She's moved to London to feel closer to her dead older sister...which she realises now is difficult because death makes it hard to get to know someone. So she's going to go to Uni instead, studying drama. She can see ghosts, and it caused her a little strife lately. She lives with Kat, Ethan, and Kali in the Baker Street Warehouse.

Tags: Isabella Lianos

suave_thomas Thomas Ashley Littleton Deceased...again...

Peter's best friend and you know...once they were lovers ZOMG. Thomas died when he was 24 (He's 40 now, but he was dead for several of those years...) And also a monk. Peter sacrificed his immortality to bring Thomas back (without knowing it), though Thomas sacrificed himself to save Peter and Abby, which is just like him.

Normally he's lovely and funny and a great open guy to be around though he can be emo on occasion because sometimes he bottles things up. He was once in love with Peter AND then Peter's cousin, Kat, and now he's married to Mary...and Spectre. Complicated, no? Still, he's easy going and you can even throw up on him and he just laughs. Oh and he's loyal. Do NOT hurt someone he loves. He's a big guy and he won't just let it go.

He has a son from a relationship with the angel, Sabrina (who was with Peter at the time...yes, WAY complicated...) and he is sort-of-dad to Marie, as Spectre is her godfather.

He was traumatised by the captivity Amaris kept him in for thirteen days. Because his body had been artificially reanimated, his metabolism went three times as fast as a normal human's. Amaris kept him starved, and Thomas nearly died of starvation. She burned him with electricity and she killed his friend Christina in front of his eyes. It's no wonder he's a little messed up over it.

Thanks to residing in Abby's head (as a spirit) he's also picked up her medical knowledge!

Tags: Thomas Littleton|Spectre/Thomas|Thomas/Mary|Thomas/Kat|Peter/Thomas

abigail_lilith Dr. Abigail Lilith Littleton Ex-Angel

Abby is 39 and Thomas's closest sibling. They were inseparable growing up, so much so that people who didn't know they were related thought they were lovers. Though she is in love with him. Abby is the only Littleton to go to University. She is a psychiatrist, but she excelled in both the medical and the psychological side of things because she is absolutely brilliant. And blunt. And dating an ex-monk. And she has a little adopted angel who happens to be her gay best friend's little sister. But she still wants babies.

When Thomas killed himself to save her from Amaris, he made Abby an angel. He left her six days later, but she's slightly changed. She has picked up parts of his personality, and he has from her.

Tags: Abigail Littleton|Abby/Stuart

everscrumptious Stuart MacGarvey

Abby's monkman. Stuart was oprhaned as a child, but he was raised in happy homes and he would never describe his childhood as tragic. Because of his upbringing, he joined the clergy at 18.

Now, he's 40 and he was Thomas's partner at Downside Abbey. He's left the clergy and fallen in love with his old friend's sister. He's is a strange little man, but entirely composed of loveliness. And mirth. And oven mitties in the shape of cows because they amuse him.

Tags: Stuart MacGarvey

in_deliria Mara Rachel Mors Born Angel

12-year-old little sister of rock star Spectre Mors. She's a sweet girl who finds love 'most important' because she never had it until her crazy father kidnapped her brother and she got to meet him for the first time. She hates peas and religion, and she loves kitties, sparkles, and her family. She's friends with Anna Kemp and with Laurel Acton.

Tags: Mara Mors

aethereous Eleanor Grace Littleton-Lake

The youngest Littleton at 37! Eleanor was often sick as a child. She's grown into a loving woman who has six children, beating her mother by one. She's lovely and affectionate, but really not all that bright. And in high school, she was a big ho.

Her favourite thing is being a mother and she intends to have more kids!

Tags: Eleanor Littleton

break_the_image Adam Rhett Littleton

At 42, he's the middle Littleton son. Adam is quieter than his siblings, and he's probably the only Littleton you could get away with calling shy. He's sweet though. And he's not so good at relationships... He's been divorced and he just got dumped by his long-time girlfriend Violet. Now he's with a succubus, Crystal.

Tags: Adam Littleton

hail_st_joseph Joseph Cary Littleton

Eldest Littleton child. He's 44! He acted as a father for his siblings while theirs was off being a cock. He has an incredible sense of humour and he's as laid back as anything. His relationship with his 19 year old son Julian is much more best friends than father/son. Which is probably why he was devastated when Julian ran off to do drugs. Still, Julian's back now, and that's for the best since his wife, Jordan and daughter, Jaida were killed in June 2009 by a crazy ex-angel Lucard Noir. He had known Jordan since he was eighteen, and they had a relationship many people dream of, but could never have! He's having a hard time moving on, but he's determined to try. For Julian and Aislinn's sake.

Tags: Joe Littleton|Joe/Jordan

virtuosic_flair Julian Littleton

Joe's 19-year-old gay son! Julian plays guitar, he sings, he draws, he acts...he's one of those annoyingly talented people that you can't hate because he's too lovely... He's an ex-heroin addict though, who lived on the streets for a few months and shot up. It was dumb, but it hasn't stopped him from dabbling in pot...

Now he lives in London with Renee and Kristina, and his daughter, Aislinn. Who he had thanks to being a big drug whore. You have heterosexual sex ONE time...

Tags: Julian Littleton|Julian/Damon

iamqueendiamond Lavinia Littleton Van Assen

The mother of the Littleton crew. She's 75 years old and one hot and happenin' mama. She likes heavy metal and is married to a biker named Mad Dog Van Assen (yes...). She wears t-shirts that say 'Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me' and she likes bling and rock stars. Lavinia will take anyone in. She's adopted Spectre Mors and her heart is always open for more. She had a hard life, but her motto is that nothing worthwhile is easy. Except her. (That's a joke...she makes those...)

Tags: Lavinia Littleton|Lavinia Van Assen|Lavinia/Mad Dog

rage_at_the_sea Reagan 'Rage' Northrop

Rage was Flynn's girlfriend when she was 14 and he was 15. They were part of the PIRA and she still sort of is. Reagan is sadistic and cruel, but she loves too, and she protects the people she loves, including Flynn. She's jealous of Quinn. And she killed her father who used to beat her. No one can prove a thing! She's a very gifted pianist and she attends a London Conservatory. She can still assemble bombs better than anyone though...

Tags: Reagan Winthrop

myeyesarehollow Malachy Ronan O'Reilly Flynn

Was Malachy O'Reilly. EX-PIRA member from Whitehead, Northern Ireland who left the militia group after watching them shoot out someone's kneecaps. Fell in love with boy named Ardal Quinn. Mal's brother did not approve of Mal's leaving the PIRA or dating a boy. Thought up elaborate plot to make PIRA hate Mal. It worked and Mal and Ardal were persecuted. And then Mal's brother was arrested and Mal was blamed. His parents kicked him out, and Ardal ran away with him.

They were together for four months, until Mal took it upon himself to send Ardal home because he was dying out there. Ardal went home where he went to live with his Aunt and Uncle and was loved and well cared for. Mal changed his name to Malachy Flynn (His mother's maiden name) and remained homeless for 6 years.

Until one night, a handsome dead man who happened to be dating the rockstar, Spectre Mors, saw Flynn play in a pub. Now he plays bass in Spectre's band, he's been reunited with his Ardal (who's Quinn now, thanks) and he's a happy happy man who is studying social work at Uni so he can help others like himself.

When Quinn was recently attacked by a demon and left brain damaged. Flynn rose to the challenge of helping him. He took care of him and fell in love with a boy named Tristan. When Quinn was healed by Spectre, Flynn went back to him, but he misses his Tristan.

Flynn is the bassist for Spectre Mors, though he is not fond of the fame that comes with it. He IS, however, going to use it for good. He knows he would still have been on the streets were it not for Spectre's kindness. So has created a shelter which helps people find their feet. It is called Liberos and he will help run it, along with Quinn, Quinn's mother, Natalia Kinsey and several others.

Tags: Malachy Flynn|Malachy O'Reilly|Flynn/Quinn|Mal/Rage

quinntaessentia Ardal Sebastian Quinn Quinn Sebastian Wakefield

Quinn is a genius. He studied philosophy at London Uni and at his graduation he was awarded the faculty medal of excellence before moving on to a master's degree. He was not there to receive it. An attack by the evil Amaris left him paralysed and his brain so damaged he couldn't even speak anymore. He didn't remember anything. He was healed from the attack, however and now only has a glass eyeball to show for it.

Now he is studying, TAing, travelling with his Mal, helping with the shelter, and working at Peter's hospital. He lives in a freakin' castle with his friend Adrina Black and his cat, Booster.

Tags: Quinn Wakefield|Ardal Quinn|Flynn/Quinn

odd_symmetry Eamon Wakefield

Eamon had a happy childhood. He's half-Irish, half-Scottish, as his mother is the sister of Quinn's mother and she was born in Whitehead. His father is from the Scottish countryside. His accent is a strange amalgamation of both of their accents...Northern Irish and Broad Scottish. Sometimes it's hard to understand him.

His cousin Ardal came to live with them when Ardal was sixteen, after the death of Eamon's sister, Theresa. Ardal was in a bad place, and Eamon took it upon himself to cheer the boy up. When Ardal was adopted by his parents, Eamon took to calling him 'Quinn' because that had previously been Ardal's surname. The nickname stuck. So did the cheering up. Quinn is his favourite person in the world and he would, and has, taken a bullet for him.

Tags: Eamon Wakefield|Eamon/Adrina

a_battered_rose Autumn Inge Evans

Autumn spent a year and a half getting beaten up by her bastard boyfriend Jake, and then drinking heavily and confessing her woes (without actually confessing) to Flynn. Now she's broken away from him and she's living with Timothy Mann, her drummer rock star boyfriend. Oh and she killed Jake too, knife right to the head. That was totally cool.

Tags: Autumn Evans|Autumn/Timothy

this_is_vienna Victor Addison Rosenberg

Victor is Autumn's 29-year-old Jewish half-brother. He's a bit of a drifter. He's a humour columnist, and he teaches at London Uni. He's currently dating Jenny from The Smuggler's Arms, and he's finding monogamy...interesting!

He is the cousin to Geordie and Eden Rosenburg, and they live with him because he finds his cousin (their father) to be genuinely useless.

Tags: Victor Rosenberg

amendable Sergei Xandrov

Hey, it's the hunky Russian man dating Rhia! Sergei is the oldest Xandrov brother (there are five more) and he was a dick. He dated Tasha and together they tormented Dimitri. He went a bit mad with power when they moved from St. Petersburg to London, but thanks to Rhia, Tasha and Dimitri, he's back on track.

Tags: Sergei Xandrov|Sergei/Rhia

xandrov_lives Dimitri Xandrov

The second oldest Xandrov. He's living his dream of attending university. Finally. Of course to do so, the rich woman he loved had to kill herself after first transferring all of her money into his account. Bummer. He was sleeping with Marilyn Reeves who is twice his age. And his friend's mother... But he since got together with who he thought was Katja conveniently not dead. It was, however, an angel pretending to be Katja. He found out the truth and somehow still wants to be with her.

Tags: Dimitri Xandrov|Dimitri/Marilyn

schismatically Vassily Xandrov

Vassily is brilliant. And he likes to build things. And he has a crush on Zoe. He's a lovely boy. And he hates his grumpy brother Issak because people should be happy, darnit!

Tags: Vassily Xandrov

resentfully Issak Xandrov

18-year-old jerk. Likes pot and girls (silent ones). Hates people. And London. And everything. And mostly you.

Tags: Issak Xandrov

angels_facade Bonita Kathleen 'Kat' Whitney-De Compt

Kat IS PETER'S COUSIN and became a mother of twin girls at the age of 21 (she's 23 now!). She's sexy and wonderful. She works as a singer/dancer/actress at the theatre restaurant Lugosi's. She's studying to be a physical therapist. And she was married to a woman, Alessa Whitney De Compt. Sadly, Alessa passed away and Kat is having a VERY hard time dealing.

Kat is eclectic and strange. She calls people 'puffin' and her best friend is Tamm Morrison.

Tags: Kat Whitney|Kat Whitney-De Compt|Alessa/Kat|Thomas/Kat

breaks_the_fall Ethan Bartholomew Sunderland

The father of Kat's children and Kali's husband (that happened after the SeX!) He's a big nerd and he walks with a limp because his sister, Mia (a former demon) broke his leg and killed his daddy. Uncool. He's always been a weakling but now he's bulked up and he's pretty damn strong. He's just finished Uni and gotten a job at London Museum with Aly and David's wife, Christina (who is now deceased). Oh and he's 23 and he now has a son with Kali named Langford Hans Sunderland.

Tags: Ethan Sunderland|Ethan/Kali

zephryian Lisha 'Kali' Vogel Sunderland Created Angel

Kali Vogel. She's 4'11" and she's lovely. She can play the piano and she likes to spin around because hey, why not? She had HIV but since getting Leukemia as well and almost dying, a lovely woman named Leonore gave up her angelic spirit so Kali could live. Kali grew up with Kat, Kait, Isabelle, and Bianca. Bianca was her best friend but they had grown apart because of her illness. They'd just reconciled when Bianca was killed. She's 24, and she works at Deirdre's theatre! Now she's just getting used to having wings...and a baby!

Tags: Kali Vogel|Kali Sunderland|Ethan/Kali

tainted_hallows Rolf Caprio Born Angel

Rolf is a two and half century old angel who has been fighting the Templar as long as he can remember. He has a (deceased) brother, Amadeo, who refused to take part in what he calls 'human matters' so he was a bit technologically challenged.

Rolf takes people under his wing and he considers Peter to be something of a protege. Rolf is old, however. He doesn't do things the long way anymore. And he has little qualms about using his powers for anything. He often causes just as much trouble as he solves.

Tags: Rolf|Amadeo

cherubic_devil Caoilfhionn (Keelin) Moloney Born Demon

She's an Irish demon, 23 years old but she acts younger. Peter tried to help her back when she was 14. She's a complete nutter though. Likes writing on the walls in people's blood or serving people tea made from their family's blood! She was working with the Templar, but after killing her favourite to save her Priesty Peter, she's living in the hospital and healing.

Tags: Caoilfhionn Moloney

to_be_fated Gavin Kincade Seer

Gavin's brother was a Templar. Gavin refused to join and as a consequence he lived as their prisoner for a year. That pretty much messed him up... And now he's made it his life mission to become awesome so he can save people who are suffering the same fate he did. He likes crossbows and stuff. And his girlfriend, Lavannah, who is weird and he loves it.

He is, however, going to try to give up the mission stuff to spend more time with Lavannah who isn't doing so well at the moment.

Tags: Gavin Kindcade|Lavannah/Gavin

lavannah Lavannah Chava Adams Medium

23 year old medium. She is the only way demons can be exorcised and ONLY if they weren't born that way. She can see and hear spirits and she helps them to move on if they want to go. The only ones she forcibly moves on are demonic spirits that could MAKE someone a demon, or ones inside a demon. She undemoned Mia. Mia=not happy (now Mia all dead).

Lavannah was taken in by David Montgomery and she now considers him her father, even after he was forced to rape her upon threat of death by Amaris. Oh, and she has a spirit guide in the form of Louise, Peter and Liz's mother. This does not make Peter happy. She is in love with Gavin Kincade and she's trying to figure out how to have one of those job things when you spend most of your day talking to dead people.

Now that David is dead, Lavannah feels alone in the world. She is accompanied by more dead people than live people and that takes it's toll. She has suffered from consumption for months because of a pre-existing lung injury and all her long convalescence is doing is making her more receptive to the World of the Dead.

Tags: Lavannah Adams|Lavannah/Gavin|Louise Kemp

expect_a_mors Samson Mors Born Angel

It's a good thing Samson never heard of the Templar, or he'd have joined. He's a religious nutcase. He tortured his children Spectre and Mara, forcing them to fast and endure whippings in addition to showing them angelic visions of Biblical stories, which might sound nice but YOU imagine having to feel yourself burning in the pits of Hell. Samson is very gifted with his illusions. Which is why he is now kept in Peter's hospital though he is no longer sedated as he had been.

An unfortunate incident showed Samson visions weren't the way and now he is learning how not to act like an arse to everyone, thanks to Thomas and Spectre.

Tags: Samson Mors

suit_your_fancy Aleric Kristoph Drescher

20-year-old Kempf family hopeful. Sent to London to woo the young Illyana Nikolovic. Now, thanks to the union, he runs Little Moscow, thus gaining the Kempfs more revenue and power. Aleric owns a racing horse, Spitfire, and he likes to play the cards and sleep with the women who aren't his wife.

Tags: Aleric Drescher|The Kempf Family

tyrant_vices Wilhelm Drescher

Eldest Drescher child (28) and second in line for taking over the Kempf family when Wolfgang Kempf hands over the reins. He is currently trying to put himself first, while grieving for his dead father and his wife's miscarriage. He thinks his wife is the sweetest thing ever. Mostly Elsa just wants to murder him.

Tags: Wilhelm Drescher|The Kempf Family

serene_verena Verena Weibke Drescher Idiot

Verena is 18 and stupid. Her family shipped her off with Aleric just to get her out of the family home. They hope she marries a rich man who will treat her well. Mostly so they don't have to deal with her anymore...

Tags: Verena Drescher|The Kempf Family

and_in_between Bertolt Johan Liedermann

One of the dreaded Kempfs, though he dreads them and they dread him. He's been officially disowned by the family and that is quite okay with him! Johan is a rather well-known pianist and he plays with the LSO and the Vienna Opera as well as composing. He has about 5 albums and he's working on another. He's 45 and he was with his boyfriend for 10 years before they were married. He knew Werner was a werewolf and he accepted him anyway.

After only being married a few months, Werner tragically lost his mind to the wolf and attacked and ate his son Alastair. Johan happened upon them and he shot Alastair to spare him the pain of dying more slowly. He was arrested and tried. He was found innocent, though he received four months for having a firearm. While in prison awaiting trial, he was raped by three men and infected with HIV. He has finished his house arrest, and a new album entitled Phoenix: Rising from the Ashes. He has re-joined the London Symphony Orchestra, and he lives with Alastair's ex-girlfriend, Klara.

Tags: Bertolt Johan Liedermann|Johan/Werner|The Kempf Family

thwartedly Dedrich 'Daniel' Liedermann

This is Johan's little brother! Daniel was in charge of running a side business in Italy. Daniel, was taken by the Templar and 'punished' for his part in prostitution rings, drug running, and basic debauchery.

In the case of Daniel, their 'treatment' worked. He saw the error of his ways. He also saw the Templar were INSANE and he was approached by Dead Meat six years ago upon his release. Instantly he joined them. He made the Templar believe he was so relieved to have been clensed he joined THEM. They call him Brother Liedermann, as he isn't a priest, he's a 'monk'. And he's was charged with protecting their most 'precious' captive. Until he helped the captive escape...

Now he's in London and he's about to help the goodies take down his family.

Tags: Daniel Liedermann|The Kempf Family

i_bewitchingly Devon Claire Kempf

Yet another Kempf! She's another good one though! Her mother was disowned and thus, Johan was the only family member she got along with. Devon was raised in NYC and when her mother died, Devon went to London to find the father who didn't know she existed. He had been told the pregnancy was terminated (Dietrich Gottlieb is Jewish and the Kempfs do not approve of Jews). Now Devon goes to London University and she spends her nights taming her father and singing karoke at The Smuggler's Arms or with her dorm mates having a good time.

Tags: Devon Kempf|The Kempf Family

shlemiel Dietrich Gottlieb Foil

His username says it all, really. Dietrich is...kind of a lout. He has converted back and forth between Judaism and Catholicism more times than anyone can count, all depending on his circumstances. He was raised Jewish, but converted for Hannelore Kempf who he had a baby with though he didn't know until less than a year ago. He was a member of Peter's parish, where he confessed to Peter that he cheated on his wife Gretchen quite often because she had become paralysed after their wedding. But he was doing it so as not to make her feel bad...she divorced him anyway, feeling differently about that than he did! He means well. He really does. He slept with Aly Kemp too, when everyone thought Peter was dead. Dietrich spends a lot of his time drinking with the mates and making his shiny new daughter strawberry milkshakes. Hey, they're healthy. They have fruit in them, right?

He has also taken in a girl named Sienna Lewis who was being harmed by her brother. He's dealing with things much more easily now, though he's still a doof.

Tags: Dietrich Gottlieb

just1fortheroad Johnathan 'Smithy' Smith

Smithy was a professor of Literature at London Uni. Now, thanks to a scandal that wasn't even true, he's an independent journalist who takes life as it comes. He's Clive Hunt's best friend as he's patient enough to deal with Clive's acidic ways. He's also letting Clive's daughter Melora lives with him even though she's young, pregnant, hormonal, and kind of crazy.... He plays the accordion and he dresses up as Santa Claus in the mall during Christmastime. He's another of the Smuggler's crowd.

Tags: Smithy

berkshire_hunt Clive Hunt

Clive is as his journal name suggests. He's a bit of a cunt. He doesn't really mean to be. He just doesn't do that 'sharing his emotions' thing. Ew, bleh. His best friend, Smithy is the only one he's ever 'friendly' to. And even then it's not overly so. He calls his ex-wife Jennifer 'The Hydra' and he does not get along with her even the tiniest bit. Smuggler's patron.

Tags: Clive Hunt

nightingalesoul Samantha Montrose Born Demon

Married to Paul. She was one of Peter's original demons he thought he didn't help. She had run away. Except she ran to figure herself out so he DID help her after all. She and Paul have a baby daughter, Dahlia. Dahlia is a demon too. And Samantha was determined to raise her well until she went psycho and started killing whores on Dwyer Street. Way to go, Samantha... Though now she's much less killing and much more...running things and keeping them safe. How things change.

Tags: Samantha Montrose|Samantha/Paul

officer_paul Detective Inspector Paul Montrose

Paul Montrose, created only so we could have a 'police officer contact' :D He's a nice man. He has a three-year-old daughter who is a demon as he is married to Samantha. Sam doesn't live with him since she went all psycho killer, but she still stops by to see her daughter. And have sex. He says he's only human, shut up.

He does live with two girls he rescued from the streets, Layla and Lorelei. He considers them daughters. He is also very close to his partner, Tasha Kemp.

Tags: Paul Montrose|Samantha/Paul

courtesan_tears Lorelei Lux

Former Dwyer Street whore, nearly killed by Samantha and now living with her husband who took Lorelei and her best friend Layla in. Now she and Layla serve as comedic relief when crazy things like the Thames turning to blood happen and Lorelei postulates that the Thames is on the rag.

Tags: Lorelei Lux

annik_metanova Annika Tatiana Metanova

Annik is a Decetive Inspector with the London Police. She is only ahead of Paul in rank because during a drug raid, she saved a superior officer's life. Mostly, she's considered a bit of a loose cannon because she goes about her work in sincerely unconventional ways. Think 'vice' but you know...British. She poses as a female escort so she can get information out of thugs, mob bosses...you name it really.

She's going for Aleric Drescher with Daniel's help. She also has taken a shining to Joe Littleton, who took in her niece, Galina.

Tags: Annik Metanova

unturning_world Emilio Julien Laurent

Lovely French boy who grew up with Pierre, Jean and Renee. He's Jean's best friend, despite being headed for medical school whereas Jean is a construction worker. Emilio has a great sense of humour, and he's patient and kind. And he's gay, and dating Gordan Sullivan. Loves Harrison Ford (he likes rugged older men?) His parents don't really speak to him much, but that's okay with him. He has his friends.

Tags: Emilio Laurent

moonblossoms Hayley Artemis Waterhouse

Hayley is the youngest of seven in the Waterhouse family. She feels like she doesn't have any identity of her own really. She has to make up wild stories to even have a place that is just Hayley's.

Previously, seeing how her wild cousin Jorja acts, Hayley took it upon herself to find a boyfriend. And in doing so, she created a character named Ophelia. Only SHE is the character. The poor boy she met at the record store had NO idea what was waiting for him. They slept together and then he reported her father to the police because he believed she was being harmed. Hayley confessed and Xavier never saw her again.

Now Hayley is doing her best to not screw up again...

Tags: Hayley Waterhouse

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