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Morgan Blackstone

a_shadows_grave ~ full bio
Scadian knight by day, black metal Erishkigal keyboardist by night... Lover of Isis at every given opportunity. Though it was only supposed to be a casual thing, Morgan has fallen back in love with his ex, despite his best attempts to chilvarously not shag other guy's girlfriends.

Charlie Colt

charlie_colt ~ full bio
Born Angel
Likes stories, people, people's stories and stories involving people. Has great faith in everything. Gives great hugs.

Moved to Istanbul with Nadia and Naveed.

Josephine Rhydderch

coldinhergrave ~ full bio
Born Demon
Ex-demon terrorist, now full time shopper.

Maddalyn Möller

consciousshadow ~ full bio
Practical dreamer
The ex-maid of the Kempfs, now trying to make some sort of life in London.

Daria Waterhouse

createthemess ~ full bio
Second eldest of the Waterhouse girls and crusader for a better world.

Lucas Burne-Jones

dangerousangles ~ full bio
Immortally Immature
Ex-mortal, ex-heroin addict, ex-boyfriend of Misha. In love with melting things, his saviour/jailbird Helena and anything bacon flavoured. Dislikes dying, almost dying and consequences of making other people die.

Matt Grenadier

darkhaunts ~ full bio
Leather clad destroyer of all things evil and/or annoyingly dead.

Carmen Moreno

darknessmylove ~ full bio
Born Demon
Would be scarier if she could carry through with her devious plans. Still, Carmen can break your arm from half a block away, so she's fairly scary as is.

Joanne Michaels

death_to_pavlov ~ full bio

Eternally trying to recover from various traumas by being lovely and playing the piano and making art. In love with a dead girl and trying not to fall in love with an immortal one.

Moved to Dublin.

Freya Hunt

filthy_radiance ~ full bio
Terrified little thing on the inside, because of her unexplained transformations, her brother's craziness, her mother's drug addiction, and the fact that she still thinks the world is ending even though the rest of London seems to have realised it hasn't. Relying somewhat on her mother's drugs and alcohol, Freya is a great worry to Odin who she alternatly hero worships and hates for abandoning her. In fact all her relationships are love/hate. Her best friend Pandora, her crush Issak, her parents, herself. She does have a budding relationship with Tamsin, though, which doesn't fit the pattern.

Gawain Rolleston

gawain_gawain ~ full bio
Totally crushing on live, ex-whore Lorelei. Refuses to use his powers of being dead for evil such as watching crushes in the shower.

Pavel Xandrov

ilqua_na_calina ~ full bio
Food lover
Russian sweetie who loves to cook and hang out with the girls. Isn't afraid of tampons.

Ellie Hollingberry

inspectre_ellie ~ full bio
Has the rare ability to talk sense into Merry. Adores everything Spectre related. Very bright but shy, and still trying to find her place in the world. Now living in McKinley Hall two floors up from Merry and taking computer science courses.

Toby Carondolet

invodka_veritas ~ full bio
Angry teenage dyke
Agonises over the death of best friend/lover Alex, over her mother's rish trashiness, over the hell of living with cousin Mercedes, and any other god damn stupid aspect over living in this world. Enjoys vodka and LANs.

Tristan Baptiste

love_catatonic ~ full bio
Creater of band Outdance the Devil after his old band collapsed when he checked himself into rehab. Though Catatonia is still more well known than Outdance the Devil, Tristan is a lot happier, in every way, with his new band. While still struggling to deal with his past, he's much happier and healthier now, and wishes more than anything he could rid all the world of its pain. Especially for people he loves (but still won't admit that he loves, because giving yourself over to love risks too much hurt, and Tristan doesn't ever want to get hurt again.) Likes glittery things, other people being in love, and his music. Dislikes anyone who breaks anyone's trust, and people who dress all in grey.

Lee Rivers

lee_rivers ~ full bio
Boyfriend of his childhood sweetheart Evey, Lee would be a really happy boy if his girls didn't keep being hurt/sent to jail/dying. Likes feeding people, making Evey happy, and looking forward to the 17th of September when Helena will be free again.

Merry Waterhouse

merry_ariadne ~ full bio
Truth seeker
Sixteen year old, sometimes hypocritical human rights activist and believer in things unseen. Short tempered but passionate and convinced that her way of doing things is the right way. Now at McKinley Hall doing Journalism at London University.


moonlit_mayhem ~ full bio
Born Angel
Could probably use some Ritalin. And less angel mojo. These two things would make the world a safer place, but maybe just a little less wacky...

Constantine Ravensdale

moonsridinghigh ~ full bio
Tasty manflesh
More proof that money can't buy happiness, only nice boats.

Rhys Spencer

mr_shizznit ~ full bio
Born Twat Angel

Neil Waterhouse

neil_waterhouse ~ full bio
Father of seven and always willing to take more under his wing. Likes Dream Theater, Ancient Greeky things and days when all the girls do their chores. Dislikes when people shoot his daughters.


notionsofblood ~ full bio
Should probably be on anti-psychotics. But he's quite attractive.

Ursula Lurie

onceoverthemoon ~ full bio
Hippietastic, bouncy drummer for Outdance the Devil. Likes gorgeous pajamas, Tristan's hair, trampolining. Dislikes Morgan's taste in women.

Cooper Dickenson

pimp_of_the_sea ~ full bio
On a full time quest to get stoned and/or laid. Has more luck getting stoned since he grows his own weed and hasn't figured out how to grow his own women yet. Likes lesbians, and pot. Dislikes lack of lesbians, lack of pot. Has put Selene on something of a pedestal and isn't sure how to get her down.

Joel Nightingale

secondhandface ~ full bio
Dweeby Demon
Misses his Dad, his hand and his prozzie. Likes playing with his superpowers, eating, playstation and not getting hit by girls. Is scared of Josie, his Mum finding him before his Dad, and naked dead girls what grab their tits because he doesn't know what to do with them. Would probably bend over backwards to please Dr Abby or Kayla, in different ways.

Robin Levithan

secretinthetext ~ full bio
History geek, world traveller, likes long walks through the desert and spending long hours staring at books. Dislikes my lack of enthusiam toward her poor abandoned plot.

Stephie Marsh

slinkster_ghoul ~ full bio
Would be a lot happier if Snapdragon frontwoman stopped dying.

Pat Ravensdale

sunsgonetohell ~ full bio
Likes girls, pain, and blood. Dislikes being locked up for three years. Misses roast dinners.

Miles Kempf

tearworldsapart ~ full bio
Difficult bastard.

Davis Matthews

the_black_pope ~ full bio
Cooler than you even when wearing a rubber glove on his head like a chicken. Unphased by anything (so far). Likes teasing his sister, shagging Austin and dressing up as the clergy. Dislikes not knowing why some people feel weird.

Nancy Kane

thegraceoflove ~ full bio
Created Angel
Still coming to grips with her angelness, but her faith in herself is growing. Except when it comes to love, because the girl she loves is in love with someone else :( Likes blue skies, the wilderness, good friends and Scarlett. Dislikes being tortured under the Thames.

Alina Morrisey

thee_shall_find ~
Zoe's sister, who would make things interesting and complicated if I got around to playing her.

Chloe Bowie

toey_chloe ~
Determined to become a better person, kick some serious arse and look damn sexy while doing it. Loves dangerous things though, dangerous, dirty, sexy things... But since almost losing her friendship with Yvonne while pursuing one of these things she tries to think about her actions before she does them. She's growing up, but is far from grown up yet. Would to absolutely anything for her friends, who are her family. Probably shouldn't be left alone in a room with Jocelin, though.

Charon Baudelaire

urbanmythology ~ full bio
Vampire, Ghost
Had a demon, lost it. Had a Jax, lost it. Had a life, lost it. :(

Zoe Kemp

zoe_everafter ~ full bio
Kind of depressed and angry since one of her friends killed the rest of her friends. The only person she's never snapped at remains fundie Aggie. Used to wish she could save the world, but since failing to stop the school shooting has given up on that, but hasn't given up on beating herself up over it. Might get worse before she gets better.

Perrin Darling

theoddsockstory ~ full bio
Child prodegy on the violin looking for some new way to live life, as living a scripted predetermined existance wasn't enough anymore. Also trying to balance homosexuality with religion.

Arwen Darling

oneperfectgrace ~ full bio
Perrin's younger sister, quite popular and gorgeous but full of neurosis and a need to be perfect. Does not handle anything chaotic well. But has excelent taste in clothes and make up and music and shoes.

Marcia Sommer

toad_ally ~ full bio

Rueban Warwick

twisted_game ~ full bio pending...
Football nut

Luis Heyman

usuallysullied ~ full bio
Prankster dude


xxxxxxx ~ full bio pending...
Marcia's wolfy ex

Raewyn Charpentier

so_farcical ~ full bio
Deadpan Queen


xxxxxxx ~ full bio
Ancient demony diva

Also to add, when I get around to images:

Leon MacArthur, Bio
Joss MacArthur, Bio

Danielle Evans Bio

April Llewellyn Bio
May Llewellyn Bio
Micah Llewellyn Bio
Cameron Llewellyn Bio
Teagan Llewellyn Bio

Chastity Dawson Bio

Diana Ravensdale


Marilyn bio

Suzanne Bio

Art bio

Aerin who may or may not exist again Bio

Whitney Bio

Maiya Molotova Bio
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